Choosing a roof shouldn't be overwhelming.

With Max Roofing and Restoration, it won't be!


Q: What factors are important to consider when choosing a roof?

A:  Appearance is always a homeowner's first concern, which is a big part, however there are many other factors to consider. Those factors include:  Manufacturer's Warranty, Impact Resistance, Wind Warranty, Fire Rating, and of course Cost. Different roofing materials have longer life spans than others and some can greatly reduce your Insurance Premium.


Q: How do I know when I need a new roof?

 A: For most homeowners, a visual inspection from the ground can go a long way. If you notice the shingles are curling or buckling, it could mean the shingles are past their life expectancy. Look for missing shingles or broken shingles. If you notice granules in your gutters or on the ground, it could also mean they are wearing out. There are many other factors as well, call us for a professional inspection.


Q: Are some shingles better than others?  What's the difference?

 A: Yes. Shingles have different classifications for wind, fire, and impact resistance. For example, impact resistant shingles can withstand impacts from flying objects to a much greater extent than a common asphalt shingle. The impact resistant rating system ranks shingles' resistance to impact into 4 levels-1 through 4, with Class 4 as the highest rating level to impact resistance. The higher the impact resistant, typically the lower your insurance premium.  


Q: How much does a roof cost?

 A: The cost varies greatly on a new roof; there is a lot that goes into a comprehensive roof system. Roof costs will vary on the materials used. Before agreeing to any price estimate, make sure and look at the scope of work and materials suggested. If you get multiple bids, make sure you are comparing "apples to apples." The lowest bid may not always be what's best for your situation.


Q: What steps do I need to take with my insurance company?

A: First step, have your roof inspected by Max Roofing and Restoration before filing a claim. We will be able to tell you if there is sufficient damage that would require an adjuster to be sent out. IF there is sufficient evidence for a roof claim, Max Roofing and Restoration recommends that we meet your adjuster at your home to do an inspection with them.  Adjusters aren't roofers and may overlook some important items.  Most policies are RCV or Replacement Cost Value (RCV=Depreciation + Actual Cash Value.) That means that you will receive two checks from your insurance company. Typically the first check (ACV) will be sent less your depreciation.  Most times the check is made payable to you and your mortgage company. Once the work is completed and we have sent the final invoice to the insurance company, they will release a second check made up of the depreciation. We will always review your insurance with you so we can make sure that you are getting what you deserve to cover your roof costs.


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